Barry Bonds Feels MLB Has Handed Him ‘Death Sentence’

Major League Baseball star Barry Bonds has spoken out about the manner in which the organization has treated him since his retirement in 2007.

The former San Francisco Giants star was widely tarnished by allegations of steroid use throughout his chequered career and even since he ended his time in the MLB, he feels that the alienation he has faced has continued.

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Bonds gave an eye-opening interview with the Atlantic which is sure to result in a great deal of discussion, stating, among other matters, the following;

“A death sentence. That’s what they’ve given me. If they don’t want me, just say you don’t want me and be done with it”, Bonds stated in relation to his inability to attain the % of votes needed to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Bonds continued;

“Like a ghost. A ghost in a big empty house, just rattling around”.

Bonds hit 762 home runs over the course of a 22-year career, the most of all-time, and should be celebrated by all those within the sport. However allegations of doping were, and still, are prevalent though he has never publicly admitted using steroids.

“I know what I did out there,” Bonds opined to The Atlantic. “I know what I accomplished between those lines. It’s outside those lines that I would have done some things different.”

Bonds was the subject of a criminal case in relation to his steroid use but that was dropped in July 2015 after nearly a decade-long prosecution.

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