Bundesliga to Restarts On 16th of May as European Soccer Makes Comeback

Germany’s top soccer league will return to action on Friday the 16th of May after two months without action due to the coronavirus outbreak that has wreaked havoc on the sporting calendar worldwide.

Soccer fans will be glued to their televisions and other broadcast devices in a matter of days as the first encounter, played behind closed doors, will see Schalkes take on local rivals Borussia Dortmund in what promises to be an explosive return to action.

Germany has been relatively stable during the coronavirus pandemic and as such it’s perhaps unsurprising that their football league would be the first major soccer tournament to start back up again.

There are nine matches for each side to take part in and the finale of the season is scheduled for the weekend of 27-28 June.

Bayern Munich lead the table by four points from arch rivals Dortmund, with Red Bull Leipzig and Borussia Monchengladbach further back in what promises to be an exciting run in for traditionally one of the most exciting leagues in Europe.

The Bundesliga will be seen as something of a test case as other leagues consider their options for finishing their current campaigns. Training has already begun in both Spain and Italy and the English Premier League is also considering its options in relation to a potential restart.

Whilst the German league will see teams playing games in their own stadiums it is believed that the English top leagues will elect to play in a number of neutral venues, which has in turn caused some teams to be against the ‘Project Restart’ plans, creating something of an impasse at present.

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