Coronavirus: NBA Legend Patrick Ewing Tests Positive for Covid-19

NBA star Patrick Ewing has revealed he has tested positive for the coronavirus and is now recovering at a local hospital.

The 57-year-old took to Twitter to announce his diagnosis, stating;

“I want to share that I have tested positive for Covid-19. This virus is serious and should not be taken lightly,”

“I want to encourage everyone to stay safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.”

Ewing represented the New York Knicks, Seattle Supersonics and the Orlando Magic during his time in the NBA and is now head coach of the Georgetown University’s men team and during his stellar career, being named to the NBA All-Star team on 11 occasions as well as a two-time gold medalist. 

He scored almost 25,000 points during his lengthy career and over 11,500 rebounds.

Ewing took over as head coach at Georgetown in 2017 having served as assistant coach at the Washington Wizards, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic and the Charlotte Hornets.

Ewing is believed to be the only member of the Georgetown men’s basketball set-up to have tested positive.

The NCAA has recently announced that as of June 1st all sports will be allowed to return to training and one wonders how the college leagues will deal with positive tests among staff and players.

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