Cowboys Win Over Giants

Crossing a black cat’s path may not be a silly superstition anymore with the animal causing a brief stoppage at Meadowlands during the second quarter. This feline was no friend of the Giants as they went on to lose their fifth game in a row. 

We have all heard the cat on the field story, so let’s focus on what unfolded at the MetLife Stadium, where the Cowboys dominated and won 37-18. That went some way to overcome the embarrassment of defeat when they face the Jets earlier this season. 

That result means that Dallas is top of the NFC East’s standing and helps their odds in NFL betting. It’s now a two-horse race in the NFC, with the Philadelphia Eagles chasing in second, but Dallas has a game in hand. 

New York led the way in the first half of this one only to throw it all away and succumb to their seventh loss. Dak Prescott punished the home field team with three touchdown passes, taking him up to an impressive season total of 15. 

He recovered from a shaky start after the Giants intercepting and subsequently scoring a touchdown, allowing New York to lead early 12-3. The outcome was in no small part down to the heroics of Ezekial Elliot with the tailback running 139 yards for his team in this game. 

New York’s defense was disjointed this matchup, and the Cowboys took full advantage of various defensive gaffes. The inexperience of rookie quarter-back Daniel Jones was evident as he looked uncomfortable and fumbled twice. 

To make matters worse, Aldrick Rosas didn’t convert his field goal attempt. The Giants have to pick themselves up for a rivalry match next time as they face the Jets. The Cowboys, on the other hand, are heading to Motor City to play the Detroit Lions.

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