Don’t Expect Immediate NBA Return Even If Coronavirus Crisis Is Overcome

It’s still very unclear just when the 2019-20 NBA season can get back underway but officials in the game are adamant that an immediate restart would be next to impossible.

Though fans of the NBA are no doubt itching to see the stars of the game back out playing it appears that efforts to pick up where things left off could prove less simple than it might appear from the outside.

One unnamed NBA general manager emphatically stated;

“If you tell us two weeks in advance, and all we have is a two-week training camp to [get] guys back to work that have been out of work eight weeks, that’s a mess,”

Clearly most NBA stars are keeping fit while confined to their own properties it’s clear that there is a world of difference between staying relatively active and being game ready, and as such it would be unwise to think that action could return any time soon.

Other sources within the game are suggesting that it would take at least a month of team training to get players back to their full fitness and ready for NBA action, and that may well mean that the season as a whole is quite some way from completion, especially as the US is very much in the thick of things when it comes to the way the coronavirus has impacted on the country.

Deaths in the US due to the virus are ahead of all other nations but there does appear to be some respite and hope on the horizon as cases and infections do appear to be plateauing.

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