Fury Vs Wilder: Fighters Brawl Ahead of Massive Fight

Up to this point fights Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder had been surprisingly well behaved towards each other, something that is rare in the world of professional boxing, but it appears that the niceties are now well and truly out the window.

The two shared a stage ahead of a press conference bigging up their Las Vegas fight and the two finally came to blows, albeit no punches were thrown and this battle was restricted to some big pushing and even bigger threats.

The two fought out an enthralling drawn fight back in 2018 and that fight was the subject of most of the trash talk between the two. Wilder went on the offensive first, stating;

“Don’t he dare ever say he got me to big-time boxing. I’ll slap him,” Wilder said. “Don’t ever forget when I found you, you were strung out on coke. When I found you, you was like a big house [at about 400 pounds] contemplating about killing yourself. So don’t you ever forget. I brought you back.”

Fury responded in similar fashion, responding;

“Deontay Wilder is spouting a lot of rubbish,” Fury said. “He gave me an opportunity, but I gave him the biggest paydays of his whole life, brought him to the biggest stage in the world. And here he is — this is how he thanks me? I put millions in his account. You owe me everything. Welcome to big-time boxing.”

So it appears the honeymoon period between the two is done and dusted and the fight that we are set for should be a very entertaining one.

Right now Wilder is a slight favorite but in truth anything could happen as neither fighter has ever tasted defeat in their professional careers and both are absolute beasts in the heavyweight field and neither will be easily beaten so expect the bout to go all 12 rounds and then the judges will once again be called upon to pick a winner, though another draw isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

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