King LeBron Continues to Write His Own Record Book

Even if you were not a basketball fan or indeed had only a passing knowledge of the game, you’d still be aware of the legend that is LeBron James.

There are some sports stars whose achievements are so impressive that they become household names regardless of interest in the game they play in. King LeBron is one such individual.

This week the LA Lakers forward made headlines as he passed the 33,000 NBA point mark, becoming only the fourth player in the history of the league to do so and has only the likes of Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ahead of him in the point scoring stakes.

In moving into fourth spot LeBron overtook another magician of the NBA court, Michael Jordan.

When congratulated for reaching the milestone LeBron pointed out that he is still not the finished article, stating;

“I just want to be able to not have any weaknesses,” 

LeBron began his NBA odyssey in 2003 but is still very much at the top of his game, leading the NBA assists this season and is hitting better than 35% from downtime.

His honor roll is, quite frankly, scary to behold. The Akron born, closing in on his 35th birthday, is a three time NBA champion, earning the MVP for each of those triumphs, 15-time all-star player and a two time Olympic Gold Medal winner. And this is just the tip of his glory iceberg and who would bet on James continuing to wow the masses for a few more years.

On the subject of NBA glory, the LA Lakers are currently considered by most sportsbooks as the second favourite in the NBA Championship betting, with the Los Angeles Clippers leading the pack in the NBA odds.

The Lakers are 16-2 after a superb start to the campaign and it will take a brave punter to bet against LeBron getting another NBA ring in 2020.

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