LeBron James Shows That Luka Doncic That He’s Still King of the Court

There has been more than a fair share of column inches lauding Mavericks star Luka Doncic this season, his injury layoff itself led to hundreds of articles and endless press attention alone, but in a recent encounter a certain LeBron James reminded the young upstart just who is the King of the Court.

35-year-old legend James put in an awe-inspiring display as his Los Angeles Lakers beat the Dallas Mavericks 129-114 at the American Airlines Arena. 

The Lakers were without Anthony Davis and this heaped even more pressure on James to show himself the victor against current NBA darling Doncic, and LeBron didn’t disappoint.

Over the course of the encounter LeBron bagged 35 points, 16 rebounds and seven assists, well and truly putting Luka in the shade, and it’s worth noting that Doncic is considered a big favorite in the MVP race, a race that James could still win out in by the end of the season.

This is Year 17 for James and he is still the key player athe NBA’s second-best team and no one should forget that!

The Lakers are enjoying a great season thus far, 33-7 at time of writing, and are on a great run of  nine straight wins dating back to their Xmas day defeat to the Clippers.

BetOnline has the Lakers as favorite to win the NBA Championship at a pretty tempting +350 and that’s a solid bet for sure. Another title would take LeBron James’ personal total to four and this could prove to be his most rewarding.

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