Lebron James Will Refuse to Play In Empty Stadiums Due to Coronavirus

Los Angeles star Lebron James has made it abundantly clear that he will not take part in NBA matches in empty stadiums as speculation mounts as to how the sport may react to the widespread panic resulting from the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Sports events around the world have either been outright canceled or in some cases, such as in Italian soccer matches, have been played behind closed doors.

On the subject of possible measures of this kind taking place in the NBA, LeBron stated;

“Play games without fans? No, simple answer. I play for my team-mates, I play for the fans, that’s what it’s all about”.

“I ain’t playing if we haven’t got fans in the crowd, that’s who I play for!”.

LeBron added; “If I show up to an arena and there’s no fans there, I ain’t playing”.

The Lakers legend made the comments after his side clinched a playoff berth following an entertaining 113-103 win over NBA Championship favorites the Milwaukee Bucks, an event that saw LeBron go head to head with NBA MVP favorite Giannis Antetokounmpo.

LeBron was in sparkling form, scoring 37 points during a win that at one point saw the Los Angeles Lakers score 18 unanswered points.

Anthony Davis also continued to impress on the night, bagging 30 points at the Staples Center, where the Lakers made it 12 wins from 14 since late January, form that puts them in among those who can realistically win the NBA title.

The Lakers are top of the Western Conference with a 48-13 record.

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