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By using’s NBA betting guide, you put yourself in the best position... to succeed. We do all the work, so you simply click, win, and earn your money.
All of the tips we provide come from reliable sources, and the betting sites give you a simple and easy to understand format. We use only the best and reputable betting sites with long reputations in the betting world, and provide you with up to the minute information so you can make the best bet.

By using you can feel confident that you are getting the latest information to help you come out on top.

NBA basketball is at the pinnacle of popularity in the United States and garners millions of viewers daily. Of those millions of viewers, many also participate in NBA online betting. With the NBA’s approval rating currently through the roof, it’s easy to see why the sport is a fan favorite amongst online betting sites. An exciting sport makes for an exciting bet! Here at we’ve created an all-inclusive hub for all things basketball betting related.

Is LeBron James a surprise scratch from the Lakers lineup, causing a shift in the point spread? With our tips and breaking news stories, you can learn how the latest information impacts your betting odds. We keep you up to date with all the most recent NBA news, and the latest odds, all while relaying expert tips and strategies that can help you earn the best payout possible. Our NBA betting guide will help you get the most bang for your buck.


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Top 5 Best NBA Betting Sites

If you’re in search of the best NBA betting sites, look no further. compiles all the best NBA betting sites in one place. Check out any of these three sites to bet on NBA games.

Bovada – Bovada is the top dog in the world of NBA betting websites, or any online sports betting site for that matter. Bovada sportsbook has the smoothest interface, as well as the cleanest and easiest to navigate site out of all the online betting platforms. Bovada offers various bonuses and promotions throughout the year, including a welcome bonus when placing a bet on the NBA playoffs. They offer a top of the line rewards program to earn rewards when placing bets through Bovada. You can even get cash back on your lost wagers. It doesn’t end there. Bovada’s real-time spread updates, and state of the art mobile site, allows for efficient on the go NBA betting no matter where you are. – If you’re looking for incentives and bonuses, is the place to go. While nearly all NBA betting sites offer welcome bonuses, some amazing and somemediocre, is one of the few who offer you continual bonuses on your deposits. In addition to your 50% welcome bonus, which bumps up to 100% when you use Cryptocurrency, also offers 25% life-time bonuses on deposits. As if that wasn’t great enough, when you use Cryptocurrency that bonus jumps up to 35%! If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy platform to bet on NBA games, is the way to go. – is yet another reliable and sound NBA betting site. They provide you with the latest odds, and features the earliest lines in the industry. boasts some of the fastest payouts amongst NBA betting sites. Depending on the payout method, you could receive your money within 24 hours. If you have any questions or concerns, offers superb customer service and support. They have a live chat option available, allowing for a nearly immediate response to your questions. You can also reach them via phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both of which you can find on their “contact us” page.

BetDSI When it comes to NBA betting we can heartily recommend BetDSI. This much beloved US sportsbook provides a wide range of betting options and we especially like their variety of prop betting lines. The odds offered are among the most competitive around and BetDSI basketball betting is certainly one of the strongest on the market. Whether it’s futures betting, one on one moneylines or more specific individual player bets, these guys are on the money.

Generally speaking, and beyond just the NBA market, BetDSI is a great place to get started when you are looking for a new sportsbook to try out. Not least because they offer a myriad of payment options, including BitCoin, but also because of their excellent customer service and support offerings.

IntertopsIf you are looking for a sportsbook that goes that extra mile in its efforts to be ahead of the curve when it comes to personal service, then Intertops is one of our favorites. As well as offering the usual range of bets, lines and quality odds, also gives you a wide range of tips and suggestions that could help you to make your mind up when it comes to placing that crucial bet. Intertops NBA betting is very strong also. Great odds are offered and a nice selection and variety of betting options across the board are available. Whether it comes to quality odds on a NBA championship futures bet or selecting a prop bet on a specific player to secure x amount of points, assists and rebounds, then they’ve got what you need.

We also like the ever changing array of sign-up/member bonuses that refresh weekly and offer that little bit of individuality that we feel attracts customers and sustains their loyalty. logo

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NBA Betting Guide

Not everyone is an expert on betting, but everyone wants a fast and easy payout. This is why we created our comprehensive NBA betting guide to explain all the ins and outs of NBA online betting. By using our NBA betting guide, online betting is no longer a guessing game. We give you every tip, trick, and piece of noteworthy news available to help better your odds and get you paid. With the right NBA betting strategy, you can place your wagers off of informed decisions using the latest news and updates that we provide for you.

How to bet on the NBA?

Betting on the NBA is, in many ways, unique when compared to betting on other popular US sports leagues, and as such it’s always useful to garner as much knowledge of the various facets of the betting landscape before placing your hard earned cash with a sportsbook. That’s where we come in.

Live NBA Betting

A rapidly growing sector of the betting market, online live NBA betting offers fans the chance to make real-time bets as and when a game is in full flow. This offers a whole new raft of betting options but remember to always be aware of the game situation as things can change incredibly fast.

Basketball Future Bets

In many ways this is the polar opposite of ‘in-play’ live betting, here you have the option to make long-term bets on players and teams. NBA future bets online are particularly attractive if you are a big fan of a team or a player and you want to back your favorites with a bet.

Proposition Bets ‘Prop Bets’

This is another fast-growing area of the overall sports betting market, ‘prop’ bets are very specific, often off the wall, bets that offer a new area of betting opportunity. An example of a team prop bet would be betting on which of the two teams in action will get to ten points fastest.

Parlay bets on the NBA

A parlay bet is usually the favorite of a regular sports betting fan. Essentially it’s the ability to combine a series of bets in order to increase the overall odds you can amass. NBA parlay bets online vary a great deal depending on the sportsbook and their willingness to allow you to max up your potential winnings, so again researching a brand or provider can help you locate a sports book that suits your needs best.

Over/Under bets on the NBA

Perhaps predictably, an over/under bet works on the premise that a sportsbook offers odds on a total amount of points scored by a team, or a combination of both teams, or indeed an individual player. Your job then is to make a judgement call as to whether the actual total is going to be over/under. This area of NBA betting requires a good understanding of the league and the form of competing teams, perhaps more so than other areas already discussed above.

Moneyline bets on the NBA

This area of betting usually, though not exclusively, relates to an outright win/lose bet on an individual match, the ‘moneyline’ is the amount a sportsbook applies to a team. A team with a negative value ascribed to it, for example -120, is determined the favorite and the sum is what it would take in order to win $100. However if a team is given a positive ahead of the number, such as +140, then this is the sum you’d win from a $100 wager. 


In terms of the sheer fluctuations that are seen between sportsbooks, a moneyline is usually the betting option that you’ll see the most difference, albeit the differences will be incremental. This is the sportsbook’s way of attracting your interest and business. So remember to shop around before backing your bet.

NBA Live Betting

The fast paced nature of the NBA makes it ideal for the ‘live betting’ age and all major US sportsbooks are well aware of the ever growing trend of this area of the sports betting market.

The way any NBA game can shift within a split second is what makes it a joy to watch and the ability to now stake a bet, back a player or a team, in real-time is something that has led to a large upsurge in betting action in this field.

NBA live betting can cover all sorts of bets. You might want to back a player to score x amount of points in a quarter, having seen that player seriously impress over the course of the previous quarter. You could also be predicting your side to make a comeback from a number of points behind.

NBA live betting online is now so widespread that a large proportion of the betting in the NBA market does indeed take place after the tip-off and when selecting a US sportsbook you’d be advised to check out reviews on their live (in-play) areas to see that they are up to scratch.

NBA Sports Betting Odds and Lines

In NBA betting, it is important to understand how NBA betting lines work, and how they can get you paid. Betting lines tell us which teams are at an advantage or disadvantage, and level the playing field in the betting world. When the team is favored, their NBA odds are (-), and when the team is an underdog their odds are (+). Use the following lines as an example:

Toronto Raptors (+7) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (-7)

For Milwaukee to “win” the spread, they must win by more than seven points. Here at, we provide you with everything you need to know about what NBA betting lines are your best bet for a big payday.

Know the Teams for Successful NBA Betting

Just like anything in this world, to be successful at something, you must know the ins-and-outs down to the most meticulous detail. Betting on the NBA is no different. You must inform yourself about the teams that you are betting on. We make sure you know the players, know who is active, or who may be dealing with an injury. Just because a team may be on an outright winning streak doesn’t necessarily mean they are the go-to bet. How has that team fared against the spread in recent weeks may actually be the more important stat. Take into consideration the betting trends for each team. Most NBA teams fare significantly better when playing at home rather than on the road. Is the team coming off of a back-to-back road contests? Or is the team well rested, suiting up for the first time in two days? We take all these questions into consideration and run them down for you to help you make the most educated bet.

While this all may seem like a lot to grasp, no need to panic, as has you covered. You don’t have to be an expert to reap the earnings of one. We provide you with the essential NBA betting information to allow you to place the most efficient wager.

NBA vs. Leagues World Wide

While the NBA is clearly the go-to basketball league to bet on amongst U.S. online sports betting sites, it isn’t the only league available. If collegiate sports are more your flavor, enjoy the slew of promotional bonus across a plethora of platforms during NCAA Basketball’s March Madness. Or maybe you don’t want to anchor yourself to just North American sports, when you could participating in basketball betting across the world. You have a variety of options and countries with basketball leagues to bet on. Just a few of the many options are the EuroLeague, the New Zealand NBL, the Poland Energa Basket Liga, Israel’s Super League and much more.

Conclusion About This Page

By using’s NBA betting guide, you put yourself in the best position to succeed. We do all the work, so you simply click, win, and earn your money. All of the tips we provide come from reliable sources, and the betting sites give you a simple and easy to understand format. We use only the best and reputable betting sites with long reputations in the betting world, and provide you with up to the minute information so you can make the best bet. By using you can feel confident that you are getting the latest information to help you come out on top

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