NBA Plan to Finish Season and Start Next Season In December

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is cautiously hopeful that the basketball season can be completed despite the lengthy, and ongoing, lay-off due to the coronavirus pandemic that has shattered the sporting calendar worldwide.

Talk of a possible cancelation of the current season has apparently not been considered and Silver has admitted that moves to change the season structure, a reduction of games for instance, is not ‘off the table’.

The financial state of the NBA is the main driver in the push to complete the season, unsurprisingly, and followers of the game and no doubt hoping that some level of a return isn’t far away, even if that return was held in empty arenas and broadcast live.

All of these matters were discussed on a conference call between Silver and reporters.

“Our revenue, in essence, has dropped to zero,” Silver said during the call with journalists. “That’s having a huge financial impact on the team business and the arena business.”

The current season will of course now run past June, if the NBA does indeed return any time soon, with 18 or so games left for most teams of the 82-game regular season still to play.

Then instead of beginning the following season in October, this would be moved to December near Christmas time, with the hope that subsequent seasons return the calendar close to normality.

Clearly as the coronavirus pandemic is still very much a real issue across most of the US it appears that any concrete plans to get the NBA back on schedule are some way off.

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