NBA Season Restart: Concrete Plans Start to Form

According to a number of sources it is believed that NBA teams will start to arrive in Disney World facility where the remainder of the 2019-20 season will take place in the first week of July.

The 22 teams that will take part in the rest of the regular season, and then the postseason playoffs, are already known and now the way the season will be organized is beginning to take shape.

The Toronto Raptors, the only team based outside of the US, will seemingly arrive first and others will arrive after.

A number of healthcare providers will be on the scene to provide the relevant services to manage the process, be that for testing for the coronavirus as well as other needs not associated with the pandemic, and this is chiefly to make sure that all aspects of what is necessary during the time period takes place on site.

When it comes to using practice courts teams will be given three hour windows and in between each team’s drills there will be an hour set aside to clean and sanitize the area before the next set undergoes their allotted time.

Games will take place in three arenas during the seeding phase and the teams will be hosted in three on site hotels for the duration. Teams can bring up to 35 staff, that includes players and even security.

It’s clear, and understandable, that every facet of the rest of the NBA season will be conducted with military precision. This is to be expected, not least as the idea of completing so much action in such a short space of time in a relatively small area, is in itself a logistical nightmare.

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