Nevada Legalizes eSports Betting as Bookmakers Seek New Revenue Streams During Coronavirus Outbreak

The Nevada Gaming Control has approved betting on four major eSports events as the betting industry looks to expand due to the crippling losses suffered during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, which has led to the stopping of all sporting events across the country.

As of Tuesday Nevada has allowed the placing of bets on the following events; Overwatch League, League of Legends European Championship, North America League of Legends Championship and on Thursday they expanded this to include the 2020 Call of Duty League.

This will no doubt lead to a flurry of betting activity in this field as those who are looking to place wagers have found themselves without much action to back, which has led to some strange betting activity to occur.

For example William Hill US reported that as much as $100,000 had been backed on international table tennis tournaments, showing that the market will always find new ways to meet their needs.

There has also been a big rise in futures betting with thousands making wagers on Super Bowl predictions and next week’s NFL Draft has also been a hugely popular market to back,

The push to approve eSports betting has also moved to other states with the likes of New Jersey and West Virginia joining in the fun with markets offered on eNASCAR events.

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