New Faces On The Scene In The World Of Tennis

Tennis has long been dominated by the likes of players with a storied and awarding history. While the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams still reign supreme in the landscape of Tennis, a group of youngsters are beginning to make a name for themselves amongst the veterans of the sport. As the rankings currently sit, half of the top ten male players in the world are just 25 years of age or younger, and the average age of the top eight ranked women’s players sits right under 26. Below we break down some of the more prevalent budding stars taking tennis by storm.

• Dominic Thiem – Thiem, a 25-year old native of Austria, turned pro in 2011. Since then, he has steadily shown improvement and climbed the rankings of the tennis elite. In 2019 alone Thiem has captured three singles titles, increasing his career total to an impressive 14 over his eight-year career.

• Stefanos Tsitsipas – The 21 year old player from Greece has been shooting up rankings within the past year. Tsitsipas, who currently ranks sixth in the men’s ATP singles rankings, holds a 2019 record of 37-17, with two singles titles.

• Ashleigh Barty – While Serena Williams is still a dominant player and certified superstar within the realm of women’s tennis, the 37-year Williams has some competition. In fact, if you go off of rankings alone, it is Williams who is looking up at our next subject. Ashleigh Barty is a 23-year old phenom who currently ranks number one in the world in women’s tennis WTA rankings. The Australian native Barty has earned one doubles title and three single titles within the year, pushing her singles record to a phenomenal 39-7 in 2019.

These star players have brought a rejuvenated interest into all things tennis, including tennis betting online. With the new age of superstars being catered into tennis in the bunches, expect more and more exciting matchups on the courts, and enticing wagers filling up sportsbooks.

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