NFL Expects Players To Test Positive for Coronavirus

The NFL expects a number of players and staff will test positive for coronavirus ahead of the league’s push for a restart in the coming months.

Some teams were back in action from Tuesday, with some facilities getting clearance to do so by the government for a limited number of employees.

On the subject of the mass testing that is expected prior to the NFL season getting underway, chief medical officer Allen Sills has stated;

“Everyone who is around each other in a football environment is going to share risk and share some common exposure,” 

Sills added; “We fully expect that we will have positive cases that arise, because we think this disease will remain endemic in society, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that new positive cases arise. Our challenge is to identify them as quickly as possible and to prevent spread.”

Some teams are indeed worried that they may be behind the curve as some are allowed to return before others, this is particularly relevant given that the Giants’ and Jets’ facilities remain shut due to New Jersey orders.

On that front one NFL coach has stated; “You can imagine the competitive advantage. As long as all 32 teams are doing the same thing, there is not a huge anxiety yet to change things. We are first dealing with a pandemic that has killed thousands of Americans.”

NFL camps set to happen in June may now do so in a virtual setting though clearly at some point players will have to return to full contact ahead of a return to action.

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