NFL News: Washington Redskins Set for Official Name Change

NFL team Washington Redskins are finally set to announce the changing of their name after the latest in a string of high-profile campaigns to do so.

Ahead of the name change it has already been agreed that the logo, of an American Indian chief, would be replaced and merchandise on the team’s own site has already started to be removed ahead of the change.

However the team’s colors, burgundy and gold, would remain and it’s believed that the military would be in some way added to their team name.

The NFL side have used the Washington Redskins name for 87 years and a decision to finally change it comes as a part of a countrywide move for equality, which saw a number of divisive statues taken down.

The move comes also due to the pressure placed by investors and shareholders who threatened to pull out from the team unless a change was forthcoming. Stores such as Walmart and Target had also made it clear they would stop selling the team’s gear in stores.

Indeed brands including Nike and Amazon have already removed the team’s merchandise from their stores online.

The franchise stated on July 3rd that there would be a review of the situation and it appears that a change is set to be put in place, ahead of the new season. On the subject of the 2020 season, though a restart had been penciled from March 31st, that time has already been and gone. However teams are expected to return, to some extent, to training camps from July 21st.

Similarly MLB side the Cleveland Indians are also set to change their name.

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