Super Bowl 2020: Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Flies In Barber for Big Game Haircut

You’d think that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes would have other things on his mind ahead of the big Super Bowl encounter with San Francisco than a haircut, but apparently not.

Little more than 48 hours before the big game, the first Super Bowl the Chiefs have taken part in 50 years, and star player Mahomes elected to fly in his favorite barber to get a special hair-cut for the big match.

The haircut itself is a mohawk, albeit a special one that was worth flying barber DeJuan Bonds from Kansas City to Miami, Florida, we’ll let Bonds himself elaborate;

“It’s a Mohawk, modified by me” Bonds states, before expanding on the matter of Mahomes hair,

“When he first came to me originally, his hair was in way worse shape. His hair is really difficult because of the cowlicks that he has. The hair type is different”.

Bonds goes on to add “I have to cut it twice, maybe three times, I’ve cut a lot of biracial hair, but this is one different head, man”

Indeed Bonds is right. Clearly Mahomes will feel a great deal of pressure as the weight of expectation on him guiding the Chiefs to a first Super Bowl since 1970 is clearly immense and if he guides them to glory then no-one in Kansas will begrudge him his, presumably, huge barber bill.

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