Super Bowl Betting Reaches Record High

The ever expanding market of US Sports betting has led to a huge spike in the level of gambling revolving around this weekend’s big Super Bowl encounter between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

With 14 states now offering sport betting in some form or other, and with a dozen or so other states close to passing legislation legalizing it, it’s no surprise that there was an increase in the amounts being bet on Super Bowl LIV, but the numbers are still astounding.

Figures from the American Gaming Association (AGA) estimate that 26 million Americans will bet on the Super Bowl, with around $6.8 billion being wagered on the match-up in Miami on February 2nd.

That’s a 15% increase on last year and the trend is sure to continue heading upwards as more and more people elect to gamble on their favorite sports.

The same study from the AGA asserts that the NFL is the most popular sports among those who enjoy sports betting in the US, of those polled 52% believe the Chiefs will win the 2020 Super Bowl, with the remaining 48% backing the slight underdogs the 49ers.

Interestingly the level of gambling has also had a positive impact on the numbers watching the NFL as a whole, with viewership of the National Football League up 5% on 2019.

This proves that old adage that ‘it matters more when you have a stake in the game’ and you expect other sports divisions, such as NBA, MLB, NHL and the UFC continuing to enjoy the opportunities offered by the increased level of gambling in the sports industry as a whole.

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