Three Tips to Making a Successful NBA Bet

Betting on America’s elite basketball event is one of the most popular in the country and as well offering you any number of tips, predictions and amazing odds for individual encounters, as well as insider news and gossip, we’ve put together a handy set of tools to help you win with your NBA bet.

Follow Money Line Movements

This tip is as relevant to the NBA as it is any top tier sports league, but perhaps even more so and that’s why we think it’s key in your efforts to win with your NBA bet.

The moneyline for most games is released some way in advance of the fixture itself, indeed that time lag is growing all the time as the US sportsbook markets look to cover as many matches as possible.

So a good rule of thumb is to outline your selected bets before making them, then check back a day, or hours, before tip off and see if there has been any real significant shift, this will give you a real, living and breathing guide as to how your fellow sports betting fans are feeling.

You might see a significant shift and this could well educate you in to switching your horse midstream, so to speak.

Play the Long Game

The NFL season is only 16 games long, the regular season that is. The English Premier League runs for 38 game weeks. The NBA, similarly to the MLB season, is a long and arduous one. 

82 games in the regular season means you shouldn’t bet all the time and only when you can afford to do so. Some weeks it’s good to just sit back and enjoy the game and get some inkling into how the wind is blowing. 

Sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint. To this end we always like to include some long-term futures bets alongside weekly bets, that way you can always have something in the bank.

Keep an Eye on Form and Fatigue Guides

The NBA season is a long one and you should check the games in and around the match you are opting to back with your hard earned dollars.

See how much rest your side has had, versus that of their opponent. See how much traveling your side has had to cover, against their rivals. 

Fairly often the way the fixture list falls can negatively impact a side who could have previously been the favorite for a game, only to be severely affected by the schedule ahead or the match.

See how streaks of success can be stunted by obstacles created by a heavy set of trips on the road, which could compound matters.

In short, do your homework before making that bet. Always think long and hard before placing that bet.

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