Where is Sports Betting Legal in the US: Can You Bet In Your State?

Sports betting in the US is growing in a big way, this fact is undeniable, but where is it legal to place a wager and which States will be next to join the growing ranks of those where it’s legal?

By all accounts the state of Missouri could be the next to make sports betting legal, with state rep Wes Rogers pushing for legislation to allow betting in his state, so where is it legal now?

Online Sports Betting is legal in the following states


New Jersey




West Virginia

Rhode Island



New York


New Mexico

New Hampshire

Mississippi (but only when within a land-based, or water-based, casino)

In Illinois and Tennessee legislation for sports betting have passed but as yet this isn’t widely available, but will be in a matter of months. Similarly Maryland lawmakers are pushing hard for legislation allowing sports betting online and many predict that at some point in 2020 this will be passed.

The mood is such at present that California could even be the next big player in the market and of course if the Sunshine state joined the ranks of the states that offer legal sports betting, then it would only be a matter of time before others would follow suit.

The growth of sports betting is unstoppable and the projections on the size of the market are rapidly scaling up. Financial firm Morgan Stanley had projected that sports betting revenue would stand at $5 billion in 2025 but have recently readjusted those estimates to $7 billion.

Morgan Stanley expects 36 states to have legalized some form of sports betting by 2025 and in doing so you can expect the level, quality and quantity of US sportsbooks available to you, to soar.

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