White House In Talks to Restart MLB, NFL, NBA And Other Major Leagues

Top medical officials from all the major sports leagues across the US have been involved in a call with members of the White House coronavirus task force earlier this week according to multiple reports.

By all accounts President Donald Trump sees the restarting of sporting leagues as key to the overall plans to get the country back to a state of normalcy and no doubt sports fans will be keen on such a move, just so long as any restart is as safe as possible given the circumstances.

Golf’s PGA Tour was one of the first organizations to look to get things back underway with moves to start things up again on June 8th for the Charles Schwab Challenge at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas.

The initial four tournaments are set to go ahead without fans present ahead of further events in front of spectators if plans go according to schedule.

Clearly team sports, especially those that involve physical contact, will no doubt be waiting a little longer before they also get back into the swing of things. 

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowsley, representing the CFL during the call, reported back on the call, stating;

“They just told us what they knew, and told us they were anxious to help in any way they could,” Bowlsby said. 

“We learned that there were likely going to be a lot more tests available, both the antibody tests and point of contact tests, which was a good thing for all of the pro guys and colleges.”

“They said the number of tests was going to go up dramatically in the coming months,”

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