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When it comes to placing your sports bets, securing the most competitive odds, selecting the most... trustworthy sportsbook, consider SportsBettingNerds the place to be. A one-stop-shop offering you all the information and insider knowledge you need in order to make the most of each and every sports bet you make.

When it comes to placing your sports bets, securing the most competitive odds, selecting the most trustworthy sportsbook, consider SportsBettingNerds the place to be. A one-stop-shop offering you all the information and insider knowledge you need in order to make the most of each and every sports bet you make.

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Our Goals

We cover all of the most important aspects that you need to know about each online betting site. To give you the best sports betting experience, we examine six primary categories before recommending a sports betting site.

  1. Licensing
    Betting sites that are fully licensed are 100% legal in the state/country they are licensed in. This protects you from potential legal issues down the road.
  2. Daily Bonuses and Promotional Updates
    Get the best bang for your buck. Virtually every online sports betting site offers bonuses and promotions. We scour the web to find the best promos and bonus programs around.
  3. Terms & Conditions / Fine Print
    We read the fine print so you don’t have to.
  4. First on the Scene For New Sports Betting Sites
    New sports gambling sites are popping up daily. We review the best online sports betting sites as they arrive so you can get in the game early.
  5. Exclusive Offers for our Users
    Our connections in the sports betting world allow us to provide you with periodic offers and benefits on an exclusive basis. Keep your eyes peeled for new offers regularly.
  6. Sports News & Updates
    The latest news in the sports world can change how you place your bets. When the star player goes down, you’ll be the first to know. Stay up to date on the latest breaking news and updates.
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Latest News

Is Online Betting Legal?

This is a question that varies state-by-state. On a countrywide basis, sports betting is legal. For some states, the lines are somewhat blurry. In some states online betting is 100% legal, while in others certain types of betting are legal. Many of the most popular sports betting sites are based outside of the United States, and thus do not have to follow U.S. rules. Some sites do not accept players from certain U.S. states for legal reasons. For example, players from New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Nevada cannot use when placing sports wagers.

For the past several years Federal and State legislation has been tackling both sports betting and online betting. The Federal Supreme Court recently struck down a law that previously prohibited sports gambling. Basically, this allows each state to determine if they want to legalize sports gambling or not. New Jersey was the first big player to come out on top, legalizing sports betting in 2018. Many states have quickly followed suit, introducing legislation and bills that have, or potentially will, legalize sports betting in their respective states. Some states that are currently in the process of legalizing sports betting include Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts,

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It’s extremely important that your bookie is trustworthy with your cash. We check each bookmaker to ensure they are fair and trustworthy before you put your money in their hands.



Valid Betting Licenses

Each sports gambling site needs to have a valid betting license for us to recommend them to you. Licensing ensures that you and your money are in safe hands.


SbNerd’s Top 5 Tips for an Entertaining & Secure Betting Experience

Some sportsbetting sites try to use flashy incentives to get you in the door, but these offers can be misleading and even dangerous. Avoid drowning in fine print by following our top five tips for a safe betting experience. 

  1. Use Licensed Bookies
    As we mentioned previously, using a licensed sports betting site is the number one rule in online betting. Avoid losing money to an untrustworthy site by ensuring that your sports gambling provider is 100% licensed.
  2. Smart with Your Finances
    You shouldn’t have to choose between that last bet and keeping the lights on. Always be smart about how much money you are putting into betting. Pick a monthly budget and stick to it. Don’t forget, the goal is to earn money, not lose it.
  3. Read the Fine Print
    Even though we take the time to read the fine print, sports betting sites can change their terms and conditions frequently. Make sure you take the time to read all the fine print before placing bets with a provider.
  4. Ask Questions
    The best online sports betting sites have a variety of avenues for you to contact them. USE THEM! If your having difficulties with deposits, payouts, or any other technical issues, get in touch with your sportsbetting provider.
  5. Have Fun!
    The whole point of sports betting is to have fun. If it stops being fun, take a break.

Top Sports Betting in US

The growth of sports betting across the US has been as accelerated as it has been varied, with both the levels of overall activity being increasingly high and wide in terms of the sporting events and disciplines that have attracted the ever growing market.

While clearly major events, such as the Super Bowl or the World Series, will always be the larger betting markets it is worth noting that new events and up and coming sports continue to drive the overall market ever larger, such is the dynamic nature of sports betting in the United States.


NBA Betting

The American basketball market is, and will always be, one of the mainstays of sports betting and as the number of brands enter the market increases, so do the competitive nature of the NBA betting odds as a whole.

The long season, the sheer number of games occurring in the NBA season, coupled with the sheer variety of betting options available means that betting in this field is truly massive.

Betting can go from backing individual players to produce specific stats for one match, be that points, rebounds or assists, but can be as wide as putting your money on your chosen team to win the NBA crown. 

The NBA online betting on the futures market is an especially strong one, especially when it comes to showpiece moments in the season, such as when the action moves to the postseason and then the playoffs and the NBA Finals.

Currently the big teams to back come in the form of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks and similar their star turns lead the way in personal betting fields, such as MVP awards. 

The betting action on single players, such as LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo is huge and clearly the NBA is a league that has a massive fanbase with supporters going all in on their chosen teams and star performers.


NFL Betting

Perhaps the longest running area of US sports betting, American football betting is another one of the big sporting options available to a keen sports betting enthusiast. 

Those wondering how to bet on the NFL online won’t have far to look to find both what they are looking for and the sheer volume of options to select from once they work out how to best play the system.

In terms of watching audience, both live in arenas and stadiums as well as watching on TVs or other media, the NFL is perhaps the biggest of the bunch.

Unlike the NBA, and the MLB, the NFL is a relatively short season with games to back being far less numerous than in those other sporting fields. For this reason alone it’s well worth making sure you get all the relevant information you can before backing your bet.

It’s crucial to be well informed in terms of the form of teams and players, as well as keeping track of those injured members of your team’s roster, being in the know can keep you one step ahead of the curve.

While the NFL season isn’t long it is varied, in so much as in a one off encounter any side can overcome another, and as such there is a great deal of room for a shock or indeed the option to chase long odds and underdogs.

All in all though it’s worth remembering that all roads lead to the Super Bowl. The sheer weight of betting on the single event is mindblowing. Indeed when it comes to trying to find the best NFL betting odds the key is to play the market. 

When the Super Bowl comes around, and indeed months prior to it, all brands will offer all manner of betting options from prop bets, to MVP action, to exact combined scores and all the way through to any number of incidents happening during the halftime show to how many adverts will be aired during the break itself. 

Basically the betting never stops in the NFL, even in the offseason there are chances to find strong odds for every bet imaginable.


MLB Betting

Similarly to the NFL season the MLB’s flagship finale, The World Series, takes up the lion’s share of the betting market for the baseball season. However unlike the American Football season, which has a regular season comprising 16 matches, the MLB season sees all ball clubs playing 162 games prior to the postseason, therefore betting options are large indeed.

Online baseball betting takes up a large percentage of the overall sports betting market in the US and the MLB odds and spreads are usually massive elements of most sports betting brands and therefore the market is very competitive, so shopping around is advised.

Running from March to October every year, the MLB season is a long one, with games every single day/night and therefore the chances are there to both get to know the betting field and to then make the most of it.

With moneyline bets, run line bets, series bets, prop bets and over/under lines there are a large number of selections to pursue in baseball betting. Similarly to sports like MMA/UFC, in-play betting is also very strong in MLB, chiefly because games can last a long time, especially if they go beyond the initial nine innings.


NHL Betting

Of the big sporting fields that dominate the US sports betting market perhaps the most specialized is Ice Hockey and specifically the NHL betting world.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t a massive audience that follows Ice Hockey in the US, in many ways it’s perhaps the most fanatical among all sports, but it is certainly taking a smaller slice of the US sports betting cake.

In many ways this can be of use to those who are not huge fans of the sport as the markets available offer an opportunity to get in the game. 

The Stanley Cup is the pinnacle of the NHL season, the final element of the postseason and again is watched by even those who are not big fans of the sport and even those who need to have NHL betting explained, is still an avenue to consider when mapping out your sports betting plans.

NHL hockey odds vary greatly from brand to brand, perhaps more than in the NFL and MLB, as clearly the bookmakers are keen to grab your attention and keeping on top of the offers available from all brands is a great path to success.


MMA Betting

While the sports addressed previously are well known pillars of the sports genre in the US, having been a feature of life in the United States for a century or so, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a relatively new player in the field.

Offering an alternative to traditional fighting betting options, that are of course hugely popular in the differing weights in the boxing world, MMA (and more specifically the elite division of UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship) is one of the fastest growing parts of the sports betting industry and the interest continues to grow year in, year out.

Whereas initially finding a brand who offered good betting options in MMA now locating UFC & MMA odds is easy and as interest in the sport, especially online and on TV, gathers pace so will the capability to back a wider growing raft of betting options.

Mixed Martial Arts betting offers a wide gamut of betting types. You can elect to back the form of knockout that can occur as well as the very moment that decisive blow is dealt. In many ways precision is the name of the game in this market.

What works especially well in the UFC and MMA betting world is live, in-play options, in many ways the sport was built for such action. Clearly all contact sports such, from boxing to UFC, involve key moments occurring in a single split second and as such the odds in such fields are always shifting, making the whole market incredibly thrilling to get involved in.

Top Sports Betting Events and Leagues

Sports betting is growing at an astonishing rate across the US, and beyond, and the market as a whole is as wide as it is deep. A good sportsbook will offer you opportunities that go beyond the main attractions in each sport, giving a true sports fan a chance to back a winner in any league and any discipline. However, there are some marquee events that will always be huge money winners for betting providers and of course, you, the user.

The NFL Super Bowl is by some distance the biggest betting opportunity in the US and is also well loved worldwide and the sums wagered on the event are simply monumental.

It is widely reported that the sum bet on the big day in the NFL season exceeds $6 billion and that is down to a number of factors. As an event the NFL not only attracts big fans of American Football but also those who are just very much excited by the event itself.

Indeed this market of less knowledgeable punters means sportsbooks look to sweeten the pot with interesting prop bets that usually lead to a flurry of bets from those who don’t necessarily know the inside details of the game itself.

Top Sports Betting Events

  • FIFA World Cup $136 billion
  • March Madness $8.5 billion
  • Super Bowl $7 billion
  • MLB Season $1.1 billion
  • Grand National $700 million
  • Kentucky Derby $251 million

Similarly we have the Grand National, a British horse race that gets interest worldwide, with a huge percentage of those who place bets having little or no knowledge of the sport itself. More than 600 million people watch the race every year and almost all of those will have placed a bet on the race.

Then we come to truly worldwide events such as the FIFA World Cup, a soccer tournament that occurs every four years and a truly global event that leads to a mammoth amount of betting action from every corner of the globe.

The fact that the event comes around so seldomly only increases the interest in the betting opportunities that are presented by the showpiece tournament of the sport that has worldwide appeal.

When it comes to US events the likes of MLB, NFL and NHL are of course big players but in recent years the sport that has really grown in terms of its sports betting market is NBA and in particular the climax of the college season, otherwise known to the uninitiated as March Madness.

As far as events that have increased in betting volume, nothing comes close to the event, with 2018 seeing as much as $10 billion bet on the outcome.

When it comes to fast growing sports as a whole one field that has shown real growth then the martial arts discipline of UFC has done very well over the past five years or so. The audience for the event is predominantly online and that lends itself well to the sportsbook arena.

Another area that has seen a great deal of increased interest comes in eSports betting, an area of the sportsbetting world that has moved with the online age, both in terms of the size of audience and the level of money being wagered on the outcome of the variety of events broadcast.


Lets face it, there are simply too many online bookies to choose from. We take all the research out of the equation for you, so you can skip to the results. We even provide you with the latest promotions and up to date sports news to give you, the customer, the best sports betting experience possible. At SbNerds you can expect to be guided to the betting provider that best suits your needs. Some of the different things that we look for in a sports betting provider are:


Free Bets

Why would you put your money in anyone but the most reliable provider’s hands? We only recommend the most trustworthy sites around.

What sites offer you the best bang for your buck? Because everyone loves a little bit of free money.


Enhanced Odds

If you can’t navigate the site, you can’t place your bets. We offer the most user-friendly platforms on the web.

the latest on what sites are offering enhanced odds to get an odds boost before placing your bet.

Bonus & Promotions

Quick and Easy Banking

Just like real casinos, online sports betting sites and online casinos provide you with incentives, points, and bonuses for being a loyal customer.
Nearly all sports betting providers give you various welcome bonuses and other promotions. We help you pick the sites offering the best promotions.

The money is the most important part! We make sure you understand the ins-and-outs of deposit and withdrawals, the fees associated, and how long it will take to clear.

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