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Overview of 5dimes

5dimes is one of the most trusted online sportsbooks in the business and the site dates back to 1998 when it was established in Costa Rica and covers a number of other online gambling sectors, including casino, live poker and lottery and race book options.

However, of all the departments covered by 5dimes it’s clear that it’s their sporting model that is their chief area of expertise.

The brand offers the highest levels of security and has a very reactive customer service base which is one of the reasons they keep their large customer base very satisfied as our their plentiful banking options and deposit methods.

As with most top sports books, 5dimes also has more than its fair share of bonuses and sign-up incentives to get your teeth into and during our review we will look more closely at just what makes this brand tick as well as other aspects they could perhaps improve on, after all no one is perfect.


Computer with 5Dimes Banking options


5dimes offers a great many options when it comes to the manner of your initial payment method, through the various stages of your sign-up process and all the way to their speedy payout service, which is one of the best in the market. This whole process is then also backed up by an excellent customer support network, making your time with this sportsbook very well spent.

"5dimes have an outstanding record when it comes to payouts and this could account for their customer loyalty base"

Deposit Options

All aspects of 5dimes’ deposit process are fairly standard and are aided by their no-nonsense presentation, which make the process fairly seamless.

When using a credit card you’ll find the minimum deposit is $50 and the maximum is set at a fairly low end of $500, this could mean you are loading your account on a fairly regular basis if you are a high-roller.

Most fees on site are waived and they don’t charge you to use a card. The Bitcoin options offers you the opportunity to deposit as little as $25 all the way up to a massive $10,000. P2P (person-to-person) transactions and Money Orders are also an option but can see you incur fees. To help this a little, 5dimes waives these fees on deposits of $500 and above.

All deposit options are straightforward and you can trust the brand for many reasons perhaps the most supporting of which is the sheer length of time 5dimes has been happily in operation.

Most Popular Deposit Options

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Withdrawal & Payments

When it comes to payouts there aren’t many brands as strong as 5dimes and this is reflected in the ease in which these can be secured, as well as the options available with which to secure them.

Once again, as with a growing number of brands, Bitcoin withdrawals incur no associated costs and all other methods incur a small fee, smaller than most competitors it should be added.

Cashier checks will be paid out for sums between $1000 and $7500, the fees for the checks vary greatly but tend to be in the region of $50 and more information on this can be secured through a conversation with the brand’s customer service team.

Money Orders are processed swiftly and incur a $80 fee and can be used for withdrawals from $1000 all the way up to $9500. This is the same for bank wires, which take around 5 days to clear.

In all honesty the overall fees associated with payouts are a little higher than some of 5dimes competitors’ but essentially this is in many ways all the more acceptable given the security they guarantee you from start to finish.


Account 2 Account Transfer24 hoursFree of charge – Must be requested via mail
Bitcoin24 hoursFree of charge – Check availability
Bank Wire4-6 business daysMax. – $9,500
Cashier Check2 business daysFee of $40-$80 applies
Money Order22 business daysFee of $80 applies
Person to Person (P2P)2 business daysFee of $10-$38 applies
Sportsbook Transfer24 hoursFree of charge – Must be requested via mail


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A brand’s bonus structure is their way of standing out and an opportunity to create a strong bond with a customer who they hope will become a loyal user of their services. 5dimes bonus is a great deal in this regard and you’ll see more of what they have to offer below.


Sign-Up Bonus

An interesting feature offered by 5 dimes is the fact that they offer you, the user, to select which bonuses and promotions you wish to opt-in for, some of which will clearly be of more interest than others, depending on what type of offers fits your own specific needs.


  • Great initial bonus offer
  • Opt in for a 50% free play up to $200
  • A number of additional sign-up offers available
  • Large number of programs to sign-up for, straight from the start of your sign-up

Check out 5Dime’s detailed welcome bonus:

First Deposit Amount

50% Reward

20% Reward

Free Play Reward



  • Nice welcome bonus offer (up to $250)
  • Rollover requirement set at x20
5Dimes logo

50% up to $200 

Rewards Program

While it’s true that many brands have loyalty schemes, or rewards programs as they are sometimes titled, we believe that 5dimes is ahead of the game when it comes to the sheer number of options they provide in this department.

The Reduced Juice Bonus Rewards​

The Reduced Juice Bonus is basically the default setting when you sign-up, this means that pretty much the entire betting site is set with reduced pricing. For instance -105 could become -110 on betting lines and this reward can be used on most betting types but are capped at $500

The Point Mover Program

This is a nice enticing option offered by 5dimes and basically means that odds on any encounter, from a head to head to larger, are presented with improved odds, all designed to reward their high-flying users.The Super Saver Bonus Reward Program
This works essentially as a 30% reward and is used mainly for parlay players. It will get you -107 on pretty much most bets and this offer is open not just to spread bets, but also for half-time and quarter time scoring and is usually open for all football and basketball bets.

Free Payout Bonus Reward

This nice little offer looks beyond altered odds and seeks to reward customers by reducing, or eliminating, payout costs. This free payout option will save you fees on your winnings especially when you play-through more than once in a 30-day period.

Betting Streak Contest

This is a great ‘outside of the box’ type of bonus that helps to push the 5dimes brand quite some way. Basically this contest rewards players who secure five-straight betting wins, offering a user an additional $50 free play when they go on a winning streak.

Other Rewards

Just as 5dimes seeks to reward sportsbook users with a myriad of bonus options they also do likewise in their casino sections. These range from their welcome bonus, which could land you as much as $250, to their free-play and Lotto rewards, all of which are well laid out on site.


Campaigns and Bonus Codes

All in all what 5dimes has to offer is a broad range of strong inviting incentives designed to secure, and retain, your custom and we feel the brand goes a long way in this department.

Five Dimes bookie runs numerous offers, bonuses, promotions and programns for their existing customers with no 5dimes promo code needed. All of their offers and there are many, are well presented and are constantly changing. Sometimes these changes are themed and run alongside big events in the sporting calendar and on other occasions are rotated in order to keep you interested and involved with their brand, all of which helps you get you more bang for your buck.


5Dimes Sportsbook

5dimes sportsbook is very much ‘what you see is what you get’ when it comes to their website offering and in many ways that is refreshing. There are no bright flashing lights annoying our peripheral vision and the options when it comes to variety are frankly frightening, but in a good way.

Though 5dimes initially launched as an online casino it’s obvious that their sports site is their pride and joy. Major sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB as well the option to enjoy Tennis betting. They also stack a selection of niche sports such as Cricket and Snooker. 

For instance when it comes to their NCAA offering, 5dimes can have 100 games available on a Saturday for you to wager on. Similarly they branch out well to other nations, so for instance if you fancy a bet on an MLS soccer match that’s one thing, but perhaps you have a vested interest in a second tier match in Spain, well 5dimes can offer competitive odds for that too.


Horse Racing









Mixed Martial ArtsSnooker





Formula 1

5dimes are also particularly strong when it comes to live ‘in-play’ betting that gives you the chance to make wagers in games that you may well have already lost your initial bet in.

So while 5bet’s site can at times appear behind the times, it’s clear that they are still very much ‘in the game’ when it comes to offering the latest versions of live betting and they do so with a flourish.

"There is something endearing about 5dimes ‘old school’ site and navigation on a sportsbook site has never been this easy "

5dimes also offers strong prop bet options across multiple sports and sporting events, both those which cover futures markets and more playful options, including competitive eating as well as TV related bets and political wagering. Basically the breadth of options to bet is as wide as you could hope to find.

While some sites offer a small prop offering, covering just a sport or two, most 5dimes betting avenues include a prop option and they utilize modern player prop software very well indeed.

So basically 5dimes is a place where you can make a ‘basic’ bet AND the home of the more adventurous betting options, in many ways the brand has evolved with the manner in which the sports betting market itself has matured and grown.

Live Betting

Live ‘in-play’ betting is by far the biggest advancement in sportsbook betting in recent years and a strong brand will need to be offering a strong interface in this area if they want to succeed in the long-term and 5dimes certainly does that.

Their area works fast and updates odds regularly in keeping with the game at hand and completing the bet of your choice is easily completed, so that you don’t miss out on betting on that 45-yard field goal.

In addition to the ‘basic’ live-betting option 5dimes offers nice options in this field.

Firstly there is the Live Betting Ultra section of the site. 5Dimes betting lines offer you additional options to the more ‘basic’ offering, such as nice prop and handicap options. Here you can also secure a 3% rebate for most sports. 
Then there is Live Betting Extra, which is essentially a mobile version/addition of the live-betting area, which is super fast when it comes to converting on your intent. Cutting down the number of actions you’ll have to go through in order to place that incredibly important last-second bet. All together are offering 5dimes live lines and are available all year long. 


Zoom in at 5Dimes mobile phone

5Dimes mobile

When it comes to 5dimes mobile betting it was a little scratchy for a while but they have more recently improved in this area a great deal. Their mobile site, 5Dimes.mobi, is easy to use, big buttons and easy navigation with intuitive drop down menu structure, and is one of the best in the market.

The 5Dimes App is an attractive option to use on the go and is available on Android and iPhone and is also very useful when making use of the brands’ casino gaming facilities.

The app has a host of strong positive reviews on the respective Android and iPhone download pages and all relevant bonuses and rewards are of course available via the app.

If we had one bad thing to say about the app then that would be the speed of service, though this too is improving all the time.

Betting Limits

5dimes offers a very large range when it comes to betting limits, both at the high and low ends of the spectrum, all of which is well explained on site.
You can place a bet for as low as $0.50c and the highest is set at $5000, these are fairly standard when it comes to comparing with the market as a whole.
One useful tip when it comes to betting on a market or a game, you may on occasion receive a message stating ‘being evaluated’ when you are completing a bet, when this occurs it’s best to refresh your page accordingly.


Black joystick 5dimes game selection

Game Selection

At 5dimes you will find a vast number of gaming options and these are well presented and easy to use. These range from the usual selection of 5 Dimes casino games (with over 300 of these available) to video poker, bingo, live dealer options as well as a mountain of slots. On top of this there are plenty of Lottery and Racebook alternatives.

The software used in these sections is well advanced meaning that playing these on your mobile devices is easy and, perhaps more importantly, fast.
Essentially 5dimes covers all gaming markets well and with special attention being placed on the way these are delivered to the user, no irritating glitches here.


Costumer Service

5dimes help center has a very attentive customer service which usually deals with all requests in a speedy manner. Their livechat operates 24/7 and most ‘basic’ issues will be well dealt with here. If you have bigger concerns then using their phone number is best and email should only be used for longer term, less urgent, queries you may have.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Phone: 1-800-430-5896 – Sports Wagering: 1-866-924-3772
  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Email: info@5dimes.eu
  • Language: EN, ES

Is 5dimes Legit?

In short, most definitely yes. 5dimes are one of the best in the business and even after a short visit to the site you can see why that’s the case. They do the ‘basic’ things very well but they also go that extra mile, like for instance in their expanded ‘live betting’ options and their juicy prop betting facilities.

Their site is up to date, offering the latest odds for the upcoming encounters, and they also give you options going long into the season, offering strong and attractive futures markets.

Pro’s & Con’s of BetNow sportsbook

What we like about 5dimesWhat we don’t like about 5dimes
Their simple but effective website interfaceWould like better/higher bonus offers
Numerous reward programs to make it worth your while to visit repeatedly

You can lose your rewards program membership if you are a successful user

Low betting limit

The simple website isn’t great for everyone

Superb ‘in-play’ options


Great reputation

5Dimes logo

50% up to $200