About us

About us

Sports betting nerds (SBN) was formed by three self-proclaimed nerds with a true passion for sports, and the betting odds that come along with them. Sports Betting Nerds was founded with one goal in mind, to combine top betting sites with the information needed to help other sports-lovers like themselves place successful bets. Sports Betting Nerds provides their bettors with up to date betting site reviews so that you can place safe, secure, and informed wagers through legal and trusted sportsbooks. 

In addition to supplying you with legitimate sportsbooks to choose from, we love to focus on the odds. Every person on the Sports Betting Nerds team specializes in different fields. Our team of nerds really lives up to their reputation, and each has a true passion and love for mathematics. At Sports Betting Nerds, we know that everyone isn’t a mathematician. That’s why we get our hands dirty breaking down ever little intricacy of a wager to calculate the best odds for you, just so you don’t have to!

The offers don’t stop there. We know that placing and winning a sports bet weighs heavily on the given team’s health, comradery, and recent trends. Sports Betting Nerds keep you up to date with everything noteworthy in the sports world. Our experts also break down the individual betting trends for each given team. Don’t get blinded by outside perception. Just because a team has gone undefeated over the last six games, doesn’t mean their record versus the spread can’t be horrendous. Sports Betting Nerds helps you learn about trades, injuries, suspensions, and more, all in real time while providing matchup history and trends to help you get the best feel, and gain the most knowledge of the teams you are wagering on.

Every member of the Sports Betting Nerds team specializes in a different field, which provides you with a diverse, yet knowledgeable, stock of information to browse.


The world of online sportsbooks has exploded over the years, and simply put, it has become over saturated. There are so many different sportsbooks and betting sites to choose from. All of these sites are happy to take your money, but not all of them are as willing to reimburse you fairly when it’s time for a payout. In other words, they are frauds.

No need to fear, as SportsBettingNerds.com makes sure that you never have to worry about the legitimacy of a sportsbook ever again. Our experts scour the internet and compile thorough lists with only the most legitimate and secure sportsbooks to choose from. If a site does not meet our high standards, they are black-balled from the Sports Betting Nerds interface. This is because our main purpose is to make sure our user’s wagering experience as safe and fun as possible.

Our reviews break down everything that you need to know about an online sportsbook. We touch on everything from a site’s experience in the field, to their deposit methods, payout methods, welcome bonuses, current running promotions, interface, usability, wager options, and much more.

Never live in fear of placing an online sports bet again, when using SportsBettingNerds.com

Do You Need Experience to Start Betting Online?

No, you don’t need betting experience when using Sports Betting Nerds. We bring the experience, and you earn the payout. Whether you are brand new to online sports betting, or a seasoned pro in the field, we bring something to the table for everyone. Our experts give you everything you need to know from start to finish, beginning with hand-picking only the most qualified and secure sportsbooks around.

Our reviews help the user determine which site best suits their needs. After choosing a sportsbook, Sports Betting Nerds gives the most up to date betting lines, along with breaking news in all sports, trending topics, betting trends, and expert takes and opinions. When using Sports Betting Nerds as a wagering tool, you can place bets as a pro, even if you may not be quite at that level yet. 

Our Main Team

Naomi Z.

Naomi moved to the United States from France when she was just eight years old. She grew up in Maine and moved to Washington D.C. after graduating high school. Naomi studied Computer Engineering at George Washington University. During her time in Washington D.C. she became an avid fan of the Washington Nationals. After moving to Boston for a job opportunity, Naomi met Matan and Izaak through mutual friends where they bonded over their love of sports. From there, it was just a hop, skip, and a jump before they founded Sports Betting Nerds. 

During her spare time Naomi loves to swim, run, and socialize with friends. 

Matan J.

Matan grew up in New Jersey, where he was quickly initiated into the Gang Green. To this day he still loves attending New York Jets games and anything NFL football related. Matan studied at Pace University in New York City at the Lubin Business School. After graduation, he moved to Boston and worked in finance. While in Boston Matan met Naomi and Izaak, and Sports Betting Nerds was born. 

During his spare time Matan likes to attend NFL games, socialize with friends, and exercise. 

Izaak K.

Izaak grew up in New York City and attended Fordham University. Izaak studied Sports Business during his time at Fordham University. During an internship opportunity in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Izaak fell in love with Brazilian soccer. Upon graduation, Izaak moved to Boston to practice Physical Therapy. While in Boston, Izaak met Naomi and Matan, and staked is claim in Sports Betting Nerds. 

In his spare time Izaak likes to watch sports, write, and socialize with friends. 

Simon Pemberton

European sports expert and all-round nerd, Simon lives and breathes sports and is especially knowledgeable when it comes to soccer leagues across the globe. So if it’s Premier League, Series A, La Liga or Bundesliga tips you are looking for, then he’s your man!

Miguel Rodriguez

Our baseball supremo and always a safe pair of hands when it comes to MLB betting. Miguel has a unrivaled knowledge of American baseball and always know who to back and when to back them.

Zach Johnson

Zach claims he could have been an NFL star if hadn’t torn his shoulder to shreds as a college player. We don’t know if that’s true, as he tends to change the nature of the injury on a weekly basis, but he knows his stuff when it comes to both American Football and Basketball.