Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.    To Whom it May Concern

This privacy policy (from here on known as “the policy”) details how (from here on known as we/us/our) retains and uses any personal information provided by users or visitors of (here on known as you/users).

This Policy was last updated on July 18, 2019.

For questions please email us at

2.    Use of Information

Any personal information collected by our site is used for the purpose of facilitating, allowing, and improving access and related services for our users. For additional detail on these purposes and uses see section 4. 

3.    Legal Obligations

Certain legal obligations require us to retain parts of your information to comply with anti-fraud, KYC (Know Your Customer) laws, and more. We can only provide products and services to those who agree to provide the required information.

This information may also be used for the purpose of law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies when requested. It may also be used to defend any necessary legal claims.

Any information related to a dispute or legal investigation is retained until the issue has been resolved.

4.    Information Collected & Its Uses

a.     The following information may be collected from users:

  • Marketing preferences
  • IP address
  • If emails are received and if enclosed hyperlinks are accessed
  • Device use information (i.e. mobile network, operating system, identification)
  • Information provided during giveaways and contest entries
  • Browser settings and hardware requirements
  • Personal information given on the site’s social media
  • Requests or inquiries including the time and date
  • Gender, date of birth, age, location information, email address, search terms, and viewed pages

b.     Information usage

  • Advertisements catering to your interests using third-party tools like programmatic advertising, cookies, beacons, retargeting, and other information collection technology for your browsing behavior.
  • Change services to cater to your behavior information and technical capabilities
  • To complete contracts with users including the provision of prices in giveaways and contests
  • Improve and alter our services based on the behavior and capability of our users
  • Monitor peak usage times, access points, and access methods
  • Identify and correct website issues

c.     Your information allows us to better manage our website and business. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Fraud prevention
  • Website traffic tracking and monitoring to ensure business viability
  • Network and website safety and security
  • Understanding website use
  • Understanding top services
  • Increasing functionable capabilities and content

5.    Length of Retention

This information is retained as long as necessary. We retain information until any accounting, reporting, and legal requirements have been met.

6.    Shared Information

Under some circumstances the information, or parts of the information is transferred to third parties, employees, service providers, or contractors. Any third party might access the information, or parts of the information for our use.  Any information provided only pertains to that third party(s) function.

Your information can only be used by third parties for the purposes outlined in this policy.

In the event of a sale or purchase of our business or part of our business, the information can be provided to perspective buyers.

7.    Information Storage

Our information is stored in U.S. cloud servers.

8.    Your Rights

You retain some rights in regard to the information provided. Certain rights only apply under some circumstances.

  • Objection: Your personal information can be processed based on a legitimate Interest or third party, but you have the right to challenge this. The site may be entitled to continue information processing based on legal claims or legitimate interests.
  • Request: You can ask if your information is being collected and processed.
  • Transfer: You can ask to have your information transferred to another party,
  • Access: You Have the right to request access to any information we process, and we will send you a copy.
  • Erasure: You can ask to have your information removed, but this request can be denied. If the data is needed for legal obligation or similar claims.
  • Correction: You have the right to request the correction of any inaccurate information.

9.    Direct Marketing Practices

Your information can be used for the purpose of direct marketing practices so that the website can provide you with communications that are relevant to you. This is only done with your consent (where required by law).

You can contact us to opt out of receiving direct marketing at

10.    Third Party Tool Use

Third party tools are used to personalize what you see on the website.

These tools such as retargeting and programmatic advertising, help ensure our website content is interesting and relevant to you.

For these tools your browsing behavior is collected via web beacons, cookies, and other technology.

11.    Cookies

This site uses cookies to identify your device or browser, this allows us to collect and store information about how you use our website.

12.    Security Measures

Our site implements physical and technical securities to prevent unauthorized access and protect your information.

13.    Third-Party Website Links

Within our website and communications, you may receive links from third-party websites.

Any linked website is not subject to this policy, and their Collection of your information is not our responsibility.

These third-party websites typically have their own privacy policy, which detail their obligation and practice with personal data.

14.    Age Policy

This site does not knowingly collect information from anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18, you cannot submit your personal information to us.

If you have information pertaining to an underage person submitting personal information to this site please contact us at